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SocialVault is a simple yet powerful tool, allowing you to get resumes directly from your website with a single line of code, and quickly grow a shared candidates archive.

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SocialVault in 3 simple steps 

Create your widgets

Setup your widgets in just a few clicks. Get an embeddable code that you can integrate on your sites in less than 1 minute. 

Receive more resumes

It's super easy for your visitors to drop a resume on your site. You'll receive them all by email, whether it's for you or your teams (art, dev, finance, etc).

Find the best candidates

All resumes are searchable by keywords and findable. Google, react.js, Symfony, Robert, Service Design, etc : find the best candidates fast.

Unlimited access to the platform, emails and tools. The first 15 resumes received each month are available for free (the following resumes received are hidden in the free version, and the count is reset each month).

15 CV

Unlimited access to all CVs and the entire platform.


Get started now !

SocialVault is free for now. It might change later, but we won't block any account at anytime and your files will always be accessible.
We believe in karma :)

Main features 
  • Searchable archive of all resumes
  • Receive resumes by email
  • Personalized widgets
  • Simple and quick setup

Made with ♡

SocialVault was developed by and for CosaVostra, a digital strategy consultancy firm based in Paris, London, Bordeaux and Tunis. 
Since its implementation on our own website, we've received 4 times more resumes than on any other channels.

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